Guitar & Amp Repair

Restring, tune, checkup, and polish $25

Saddle and Nut are inspected for problems. Strings are installed and properly stretched for increased life and tone. Guitar also gets a basic checkup. Fretboard is polished if desired. Rest of guitar is polished if desired.

Note: I don't recommend polishing the fretboard more than once every 6 months, as it can damage the wood, and no later than once every 18 months, as this can also damage the wood.

Setup $60

Includes: neck/truss rod adjustment, bridge height adjustment, nut adjustments, and string length adjustment (intonation).

All adjustments are made to within thousanths of an inch. If you have custom specs you prefer, I will be happy to use them.

Intonation is done with a Peterson Strobe Tuner, one that can accurately display tones to within 1/1000th of a semitone. This is going to give your chords more clarity and definition higher in the register and help maintain an instrument that is more in tune.

Install pickup system $150

This is a job where details are important. The saddle must be exactly over the transducer to get the proper sound. The saddle material must also be made of a consistent material. Price doesn't include hardware.

Hand carved bone saddle $105

This is going to sound and play better than any plastic or "graphite" saddle. Bone is self lubricating and is extremely dense. This means notes stay in tune well and sound full. Switching to a bone saddle will give the sound more brightness and clarity. Add $25 for 12 string.

Hand carved bone nut $95

This is going to sound and play better than any plastic or "graphite" nut. Bone is self lubricating and is extremely dense. This means notes stay in tune well and sound full. Add $25 for 12 string.

Note: I'll do a plastic or graphite composite nut but I don't recommend them so either you supply the blank or pay the difference.

Fret leveling $150

Frets are leveled to equal height to prevent dead notes and to take out dips. The frets are then rerounded and polished to a shine. Fretboard is also conditioned if needed.

Note: Sometimes this isn't even a possibility and a complete refret is needed.

Refret: unbound neck $250 bound neck $300

A refret can really make the guitar sound and play good again. The newly round frets can make bends easier. Notes are more in-tune and unpredictable dips are gone.

Price includes: reradiusing fretboard, installing new frets, leveling frets, shaping frets, polishing frets, and complete setup.

Replace tuners $40+

This seemingly simple job can introduce unexpected obstacles. Add $25 if reaming is required(such as many Schaller tuners).

Repair cracked heel of neck $50+

Sometimes a crack forms at the heel of the neck. If you see a crack you should quit playing it and slack the string until it is repaired. See the photos on the right.

Repair broken headstock or neck $125+

Bring your broken guitar back to life. Some people have repaired their broken necks/headstocks several times.

Repairs are, like always, warranteed(unless you break it again of course).

Neck reset $550+

This is a very involved process indeed. Steaming the neck off and regluing it at the proper angle is sometimes necessary to achieve proper playability.

Diagnose electrical $25+

First hour is $25. I can fix about 95% of problems within an hour. If it requires more time it will be $20 per hour.

Paint touchup

Quotes are free and don't take long. If you email me some good quality pictures, I can often quote you by email.

Sometimes, if I think a finish repair would be more risk than it's worth, I'll recommend against it and no warranty is available.

This is a condensed list of prices. For other repairs and modifications you can simply contact me for a free estimate.