Guitar & Amp Repair

Learn to Repair Professionally

Learn to do guitar and amp repairs with me step-by-step. We work at your pace, on the repair or repairs of your choosing. I'll show you the tools, where to get them, and tricks of the trade to get the most from your work.

Each session is customized by you completely. For example: You can spend 45 minutes learning to do intonation, and then 30 minutes about wiring guitar speakers in a cabinet, and then a couple hours with biasing an amplifier, etc. Don't know how to solder? We can start there. This time is tailored specifically to the skills that you'd like to learn.

4 Hours-$300 8 Hours-$500

You can bring your own personal gear in for repair and kill two birds with one stone. Fix your gear while learning the skills necessary to apply it to future repairs. Want to learn how to refret a guitar while we replace the frets on yours? No Problem! Want to learn how to set the bias on an amp as we dial yours in? Done!

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