Guitar & Amp Repair

Restring, tune, checkup, and polish $25

Saddle and Nut are inspected for problems. Strings are installed and properly stretched for increased life and tone. Guitar also gets a basic checkup. Fretboard is polished if desired. Rest of guitar is polished if desired.

Note: I don't recommend polishing the fretboard more than once every 6 months, as it can damage the wood, and no later than once every 18 months, as this can also damage the wood.

Setup: Fixed Bridge $60 Tremolo $75 Floyd Rose $80

Includes: neck/truss rod adjustment, bridge height adjustment, nut adjustments, check strings trees for burs(if present), tremolo adjustments(if present), string length adjustment (intonation), and pickup height adjustment.

All adjustments are made to within thousanths of an inch. If you have custom specs you prefer, I will be happy to use them.

Intonation is done with a Peterson Strobe Tuner, one that can accurately display tones to within 1/1000th of a semitone. This is going to give your chords more clarity and definition higher in the register and help maintain an instrument that is more in tune.


Whether you want a pickup swap, or a complete rewire, I can do just about anything you want with your electronics.

Ask me about modifications you want. I'd be glad to get your guitar wired however you like it.

I have an entire page dedicated to electronics prices! Click here to check it out.(coming soon I promise!)

Fret Leveling $150

A complete setup is necessary with any fret work and is included in the price! So if you need a setup anyway, now is a great time to consider getting the frets leveled.

Frets are leveled to equal height to prevent dead notes and to take out dips. The frets are then rerounded and polished to a shine. Fretboard is also conditioned if needed.

Note: Sometimes this isn't even a possibility and a complete refret is needed.

Refret $250-$350

A refret can really make the guitar sound and play good again. The newly round frets can make bends easier. Notes are more in-tune and unpredictable dips are gone.

Price includes: reradiusing fretboard, installing new frets, leveling frets, shaping frets, polishing frets, and complete setup.

I have many sizes of fretwire available!

Hand Carved Nut: $95 Bone $105 Buffalo Horn

These are going to sound and play better than any plastic or "graphite" nut. Both bone and buffalo horn are self lubricating and extremely dense. This means notes stay in tune well and sound full. Add $25 for 12 string.

The bone and buffalo horn both have very similar sound characteristics. However they are very cosmetically different. Bone has a glossy off-white color similar to an ivory piano key. Buffalo horn, on the other hand, is a glossy black that looks more like the black keys on a piano. The bone is much more common to see and both are great choices.

Note: I'll do a plastic or graphite composite nut but I don't recommend them so either you supply the blank or pay the difference.

Replace Tuners $40+

This seemingly simple job can introduce unexpected obstacles. Add $25 if reaming is required(such as many Schaller tuners).

If you haven't already ordered any tuners, and are thinking about upgrading, you may want to contact me before making your order. Not only can I help you pick the right tuners to avoid drilling unnecessary holes in your guitar, but I can likely get you a better deal than you see anywhere else on parts.

Fabricate New Pickguard Call for Pricing

The price here depends heavily on whether or not material was supplied, if the pickguard is custom, whether or not the edge is beveled, etc. For most accurate price quote, please contact me with as many details as you can provide.

Block Tremolo $30+

If you don't use your tremolo, you should consider blocking it. Your guitar will stay in tune better and switching tunings on the fly will be suddenly possible.

This process can be done many ways. The use of Hardwoods to block the tremolo presents many options as does installing adjustable hardware in the tremolo cavity. Contact me and I can let you know what the options are for your guitar.

Swap Bridge $0-$100+

Changing the bridge out can drastically change the way your guitar sounds and plays. This upgrade can oftentimes impact sound even more than a pickup swap.

The price to install a new bridge can range quite a bit depending on some factors. A setup is required when changing the bridge, but if no further modification is needed for installation, the swap will be included at no additional cost with a setup. For example, if you come in for a setup on your Les Paul, there will be no additional charge to upgrade your bridge to a Tone Pros.

If you haven't already ordered any hardware, and are thinking about upgrading, you may want to contact me before you make your order. Not only can I help you pick the right bridge to avoid incompatibility with your guitar, but I can likely get you a better deal than you see anywhere else on parts.

Reglue Broken Neck or Headstock $125+

So the guitar broke into pieces on you? Relax and take a deep breathe because it's likely that Humpty Dumpty will go back together just fine.

Necks and headstocks can break off for many reasons. The good news is that if you keep all those pieces, and try not to damage them any further, it will probably glue back up remarkably well.

Contact me to come in and I can diagnose the severity of the problem. All quotes are free.

Dent Removal $30+

Oftentimes dents can be removed or reduced using steam.

If there are no torn wood fibers, most dents can be completely removed. If there are torn wood fibers though, the dent can be reduced but rarely removed completely.

The price varies greatly on this so please contact me for a free estimate. Emailing me a picture helps for an accurate estimate.

Paint Touchup

Aside from buffing out minor scratches, finish work is one of the only things I DON'T offer. This would, unfortunately require another building with equipment dedicated solely to finish work, which I simply do not have.

If you have questions involving finish work, contact me and I'd be happy to direct you to a specialist based on what exactly you need.

This is a condensed list of prices. For other repairs and modifications you can simply contact me for a free estimate.